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Ergo Factors is a specialty store selling mainly ergonomic products - from childrens' study desk and chairs, childrens' beddings and stationary to adults' ergonomic accessories. Ergonomic is also known as comfort design, functional design, and user-friendly systems. Most parents do not think about ergonomics when setting up a study area for their children, but it is actually important for their health being and concentration.

As we all know, nowadays our children are subject to much greater stresses than previous generations as they must spend many hours at a desk as well as carry heavy book bags to and from school. These stresses can cause neck and back problems, headaches and other health issues as well.

Proper sitting position at a computer or desk is also important for children's eyesight and bad positioning can lead to increased short-sightedness. As most school desks and chairs do not provide adequite support and sustainability, it is very important to provide this at home where your child spends many additional hours studying.

School bags that provide good support and that are properly sized to a child's back are also essential to prevent spinal problems. If children are using bags that are too large or unsupportive, the weight of the books is compounded causing tremendous strain to them. Ergo bags are designed for the task of proper weight distribution as well as having compartments to hold the possessions needed for school.

Overall it is extremely important to make sure that our children have the best chance possible to grow to a healthy adult with good bone structure and muscle balance. One of ways we can do this is to provide good chairs, desks and school bags for them. Ergo Factors can meet this objective and make you as a parent feel good that you contributed to your child's well-being and future.

Ergonomic products have been selling at exorbitant prices in the market over the past few years. Our aim is to introduce ergonomic products to customers at affordable prices. We market ergonomic products from brands like Kidz n Teenz, Stabilo, Deuter, Leitz, Panasonic, Philips and many other well known brands. Visit us at Waterway Point now!


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