Singapore a city with architectural wonders

The Republic of Singapore is a sovereign country of Asia, formed by sixty-three islands. And although it’s the smallest country in Southeast Asia, its territory has constantly grown with land reclaimed from the sea. And it’s undoubtedly one of the most extravagant and fantastic tourist places you will find in the world.

Singapore is a very popular tourist destination, which is why this is the leading sector in the country. It is estimated that 12.5 million tourists visited this place in 2018.

To attract many more visitors, the Singapore government legalized betting in 2005. In addition to allowing the construction of two casinos or tourist centers in the Marina South area and Sentosa Island.

For the same purpose, and to compete with regional rivals such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, the government also gave permission to use extremely striking lights on the facades of public and private buildings. In order to make the central area an exciting and attractive place.

And last but not least, Singapore annually hosts the Singapore Food Festival in July. Which has made it a great gastronomic attraction worldwide.

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Singapore a city with architectural wonders

Could this country be better? We think so.

As it turns out, one of the most wonderful things you can find in this modern country is its architecture!

It presents its visitors with a wide range of influences and styles from different places and times. These can transport you from the colonial era with its hybrid shapes and eclectic styles to the most modern of today incorporating elements from various parts of the world.

Its fascinating diversity of architectural styles includes vernacular Malaysian houses, black and white bungalows, and hybrid businesses or premises. In addition to sacred sites where its inhabitants can pray, reflecting their support for the city’s ethnic and religious diversity.

And we cannot forget, its incredible ability to combine colonial architecture with European, Gothic, Neoclassical, Renaissance, and Palladian styles.

Furthermore, this country is characterized by its architectural efforts based on its concerns for the environment!

Thus, being a fantastic fusion between the wonders of the east and the fantastic of the west, Singapore offers its visitors endless opportunities and places to see.

This is mainly reflected in the city center and its surroundings, where you can see an impressive mix of modernity and tradition.

Due to its wide variety of shops in central Singapore, anyone who wants to can discover both modern fashion and local culture.

Without a doubt, in Singapore, you can be sure that you will find endless things.

10 highest shopping malls in Singapore that you cannot miss!

If you are a faithful fan of the mix between culture and modern, and also you cannot resist foreign temptations. These places will definitely be your dream paradise.

1. Ngee Ann City

It is colloquially known as Takashimaya and is definitely a must-see in the world of commerce in Singapore. This majestic building complex is located on Orchard Road, the main shopping area of the city. At the main entrance, you will be welcomed by the proud golden lions that protect the building. And naturally, in stores, you will find everything you can imagine or want.

2. ION Orchard

Known for being one of the most elaborate shopping malls in all of Singapore, ION Orchard is huge. It is eight stories high and is located at the end of Orchard Road, just a short walk from Ngee Ann City. Do not miss it! It is located partially underground, and the center offers an extensive variety of products ranging from the highest category to the most basic brand.

At ground level, you can feast on polished floors to look like mirrors and a very luxurious setting. Which of course, matches the couture brands located there.

3. Bugis

In the Bugis hood, you will not only find two large shopping centers, but also a busy street market. These shopping malls lead to famous retail chains on the lower floors and small boutiques on the upper levels. In the general market, among the smallest stalls and crowded aisles, you will find copies of the latest trends in Asian culture and fashion. As well as an extensive variety of sweets, fresh fruit, and plastic shoes. A true wonder!

4. VivoCity

This is the biggest shopping mall in Singapore, believe it or not. It is located near to the popular Sentosa island complex. This huge place has a balcony where you can go out and enjoy the view of the surroundings. The center offers a wide variety of stores, but focusing more on modern and trendy stores. As well as contemporary brands. In addition, you can find spas, food courts, cinemas, and playgrounds.

5. Chinatown

As you enter the center of the city, you can find the lively Chinatown district. Going shopping becomes an extraordinary adventure, surrounded by its bright lights, delicious smells, and striking decorations. You will be able to walk between the stalls and shops, to discover a very extensive variety of producers that you can acquire. From cheap souvenirs and traditional clothing to beautiful fabrics and fantastic food. And of course, you cannot overlook the beautiful architecture that surrounds it.

6. Raffles City

Located on the opposite side of the street from the old Raffles Hotel, and right in the middle of two subway stations, Raffles City is a treasure among Singapore’s shopping malls. The lower floors have busy food stalls, while the upper floors offer a large section of basic and luxury shops. And its main feature is that you can continue the journey of buying from another site without having to leave it. This is because it is connected by underground passes through MRT stations to Marina Square Mall, CityLink and Suntec City Mall.

7. Plaza Singapura

This square can be found at the beginning of Orchard Road, which is a very notable shopping center. This is conveniently located in the less crowded part of Orchard. Because of this, this nine-story center is not as crowded as others in the area but has the same number of stores.

It is perfect to spend a family day watching movies in the cinema on the top floor and then eat in the large gastronomic patio on the lower floors.

It is also ideal if you need a break and wants to relax. This offers well-kept benches outside, or in the green Istana Park.

8. Lucky Plaza

This center has managed to capture the essence of Chinatown’s intense market and encapsulate it in a shopping center. Located right in front of the majestic Ngee Ann City, this mall is the opposite. Stocked with small stores offering everything from boxes of chocolates and imported jewelry to handmade shoes. In particular, this place is perfect if you want the crowded stores on the market, but with air conditioning and much more personal space.

9. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

If you are looking for the fantastic luxury without having to walk in and out of boutiques, then Marina Bay sands will be perfect for you. This shopping complex opened in 2011 and has a diversity of fashion brand stores in the shopping center section. It also has a casino and an open park next to the hotel complex.

10. Mustafa Center

It is an extremely bustling mall, which remains open 24 hours a day. Located in the Little India area. A shopping complex that never sleeps, which is very accurate if you only have time to shop late at night. Here you can get different electronic products, as well as food and clothing. All in the same place. Don’t be fooled by the ordinary outside, this will be a fantastic experience for you and your family.

Over the years and the evolution of the modern era, Singapore has become a center of global design. As an island country in Southeast Asia, Singapore is home to a new class of iconic high-rise buildings, sites, and gardens. Furthermore, this country stands out for its wide range of new constructions in public and civic buildings with monumental land reclamation projects.

With a long and strong history of ethnic and cultural diversity, Singapore’s architecture has been the result of all its multiple influences. Its contemporary architecture has a dynamic focus on sustainability, with many integrated landscape projects introduced to high-rise buildings.

Its most striking feature is that green architecture and ventilation are important to the country due to the humid climate.

8 most iconic architectural projects in Singapore.

  1. Learning Hub The Learning Hub at NTU Singapore (Nanyang University of Technology) was designed by Heatherwick Studio and executed by the architect of CPG Consultants. This became a new point of reference in the educational field of the country.
  2. Bishan Public Library For the conceptualization of this particular design, the idea of a treehouse was used. Its particular architecture allows the use of lattices, stained glass, and skylights to transform the incoming daylight into a wide range of tones and colors. Creating a warm light environment inside the library that simulates light through trees.
  1. UOL Edge Galery The MOD design for the gallery redefines the typology of the Singapore condo exhibition gallery. The design features a sales gallery and two exhibition floors of a 244-unit residential development. It is located at an intersection along the eastern part of the city.
  2. SUTD Library Pavilion This pavilion of the library of the University of Technology and Design of Singapore is located on a slope on the Dover campus. With capacity for three adult trees that form a noise barrier towards the Ayer Raja highway to the north.
  1. The Star The project promises to become a civic hub with a 5,000 seat cultural theater and less dedicated food and beverage sector. The project is located within the northern largest plan in Buona Vista. Established to create a space for a variety of civic and cultural activities and to promote creativity.
  2. AirMesh Pavilion

AirMesh revolutionizes as the world’s first architectural structure, made from 3D printed stainless steel components. Evidence of innovative fully digital design and manufacturing technologies developed by AirLab. This monument is both a gathering space and a light sculpture.

7. The Esplanade – Theatres on The Bay

The Esplanade Opera House is one of the most prominent icons on the Singapore skyline. It was opened in 2002, at a cost of Singapore $ 600 million. But what a wonder! The peculiar shape of the dome of the theater led locals to nickname the place with the name of, Great Durian, in honor of the country’s local fruit.

8. Singapore Flyer

At the moment, the world tour of Singapore is the largest in the world. It is 165 meters high from which you can get extremely extraordinary views of the city. Even, on clear days you can also see neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. This was inaugurated on March 1, 2008, surpassing in height the Star of Nanchang in China, and earning the first place in the ranking of the world’s highest Ferris wheels by just 5 meters.

So as you have already seen, Singapore is at the forefront of super modern and environmentally friendly buildings. And if you want to discover an extremely surprising, multicultural, and distant destination, the best bet is and will be, Singapore.

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